Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Addition To The Family


The pictures below were taken at Amber's foster home, where she was living in a luxury van in the cool shade of the mountains of West Virginia.

Even before the sudden loss of our beloved Dusti, a dear friend had offered us the chance to adopt Amber, a tortoiseshell kitten about six months old.   There was a several weeks' delay in adopting Amber because (1) she had to be FeLV and FIV tested first and (2) she had to undergo her free spay with the rescue group's veterinarian.

We hope that some of the tortoiseshell folklore is true!
Cats of this coloration are believed to bring good luck in the folklore of many cultures. In the United States, these are sometimes referred to as money cats.
Tortoiseshell Cats Profile (New York Times)

Our other two cats, Mysti and Cameo, are seniors (age 13 and 11 respectively). We're hoping that Amber brings a new lease on life to our seniors.  Maybe Cameo can even lose some weight with the extra exercise that a kitten brings to the mix!

We haven't had a kitten in the house since 2001. I hope that Mr. AOW and I are up to the task!

Via a personal email to me, my friend Tammy Swofford said the following about the photo immediately above:
I swear, she has your personality. "Don't mess with me!"

Note: I plan to post my own photos of Amber once she settles in.

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BetteJo said...

.. and your Amber looks a lot like my Abby! :)