Sunday, October 4, 2020

New Addition To The Family!

Welcome, California Sky!  Aka "Callie."  This sweet girl takes tidbits carefully, never letting her teeth touch your fingers.  No doggie smell!  No doggie breath!

Around September 1, 2020, this photo, which appeared on our online neighborhood network, appeared with a desperate plea of needing to rehome a niece's three-year old hound mix (b. August 19, 2017).  She likely has Labrador Retriever in there, too:

Callie, with her favorite toy, on Mr. AOW's hospital bed:

The original owner was told that Callie is a Pocket Beagle. Clearly, she is not! But she was very small when first adopted — because Callie was taken from her mama dog at 3.5 weeks: