Sunday, December 31, 2023

This Site

A place to post photos I take.


WomanHonorThyself said...

wow..teriffic!..where are they?..LOL..:)

Always On Watch said...

It's been so hot here in the D.C. area that I have been unable to tolerate being upstairs at the big machine, where the photos are.

I hope to get to posting some pictures here soon.

cube said...

Photo blogs require photos. We came here for photos!


Anonymous said...

Where are the dinosores?

EDGE said...

I really miss your wonderful photos! Do you have any new ones?


Always On Watch said...

I have many new photos because we just returned from vacation in Indiana. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to post them because the classes I teach resume this week. I'm hoping to get some of those photos posted this coming weekend.

Papa Frank said...

Thanks for stopping by AOW! I think these photos look great. I can't understand why the others can't see them. Maybe it's like Pete's Dragon.

Right Truth said...

Oh so cute. Her coloring is very interesting and she mugs it up for the camera.

Right Truth

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