Monday, August 27, 2007

I'll Be Back

With all that's been going on lately, I haven't had time to dedicate to this site. But I haven't forgotten about posting photos and will do so when I return from vacation on September 9.


Anonymous said...

We await the photo's w/baited breath! ( least, that's what it probably smells like).

Always On Watch said...

"Baited" and not "bated"? LOL.

I'll be posting vacation photos this week. At least, that's my plan.

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and the 'Nice Matters' award.
I enjoyed seeing your flowers. Your sunset photos are spectcular.

Always On Watch said...

Mountain Mama,
I wish that I knew more about editing photos. If I did, I'd take more pictures and post more of them, too.