Saturday, October 6, 2012

Best Friends

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Cameo, true to her Siamese heritage, is certainly the alpha cat in this household. Nevertheless, after several days of hissing and establishing the pecking order, Cameo has fully accepted Amber.

Cameo and Amber first began to bond by playing with the new toy. They stayed on opposite sides of the Turbo Scratcher:

A few days later, the two bonded.  I managed to take a few photos of the two best friends sleeping on the cushion behind the recliner before Cameo got sick on September 30:

Mysti, also a tortie, is very jealous of Amber. I doubt that the two of them will ever bond. In the photo below, Mysti is furious that an interloper lives here now:

Fortunately, there is not an ounce of aggression in Mysti's body!

Amber is very contented here in the AOW household and disregards Mysti's jealousy:


Mr. AOW said...

Amber is not only pretty. She's sweet too!

FreeThinke said...

Amor vincit omnia!

Even so, please let me caution you to give Mysti extra doses of love and tangible signs of appreciation.

A new baby always tends to attract the lion' share of attention. It's only natural, but I feel empathy for Mysti.

She may not cause any trouble for the baby, but her little heart might be breaking. Please be extra nice to her.

Very sweet the way Cameo has accepted Amber, but even so, losing Dusti, a long time companion so suddenly, and then being confronted with a brand new baby all at once, may have had a disturbing effect on Cameo's digestive system.

Transitions are rarely easy.

Love to all,


Ed Bonderenka said...

Great. Now my throat is scratchy and my eyes itch.

Always On Watch said...

Mysti, ever the middle child until Dusti departed, can never get enough attention according to Mysti's definition of "enough."

We are trying to make sure that Mysti gets plenty of lovings and tidbits from our meals. She can afford a bit of weight gain!

However, Mysti does love one thing about having a kitten in the house. Kitten food!

Always On Watch said...

One more thing....As soon as Cameo's hairball problem is resolved, I can open the bedroom door and let Mysti sleep with me on the bed again. Amber prefers to sleep in a cubby or her own bed rather than sleep with a human. I wonder if Amber will change her sleeping habits when the colder weather arrives tonight.

Brooke said...

They are all so pretty. Cats are a joy. Amber has huge, adorable eyes!

Our new tortie is VERY vocal. I've never had a cat like her before! She's already got our black and white in 'mommy' mode, and is slowly coaxing our Siamese to play, albeit grudgingly.

Unknown said...


Nice to see the pictures of them:)
Is it me or what ?
Cameo's hairball seems to last a long time i don't seem to remember any of my cats having so long a period to get rid of a hairball.

Right Truth said...

It looks like both cats are getting along just fine. That's a good thing.

Cute picture in the kitty bed.

Right Truth

Lady Liberty said...

I think Amber helps heal hearts. It is my hope, and hunch, that Mysti may favor Amber in the days ahead. Remember that I sworn to never let another cat into mine, after the pain of losing my Zuzu. Then totally without warning,against my so-called "will", there I was, like a open can of tuna fish, before this little conquering hero. You know the little furry WHO I mean; ) (I will send a photo of "Nano".)

Lady Liberty said...

correcton: I swore - no coffee YET!

Z said...

I think it's fascinating how some animals take to each other quickly and others never do..

sweet pix, Always! :-)

Always On Watch said...

I'm a terrible photographer! I used to be quite good with the camera, but I never made the adjustment when digital cameras came along.

If I had a keen interest in photography, I'd invest in an SLR digital camera.

Cats are particularly difficult to photograph as they are so often on the move. Cameo, however, loves to have her picture taken; therefore, I get some good pics of her.

Always On Watch said...

Lady Liberty,
Mysti and Amber played together nicely this morning, albeit briefly.

Amber is a special kitty. Cameo is no longer depressed over the loss of Dusti. If not for Amber, the hairball that Cameo got last week might have taken her life!

I still miss Dusti. Amber's ways are different, and I'm grateful for the differences. I still find it hard to look at photos of Dusti without crying. I wasn't prepared for the loss.

Warren said...

I had the better part of a year to prepare for the passing of my Amber. I wasn't ready.

Some wounds get better but never heal.

Always On Watch said...

I would never have been ready to lose Dusti.

But even though I could see the deterioration on a daily basis starting at the beginning of August, I really didn't think that I would lose her before Thanksgiving.

I can't use my favorite bedspread right now. It has a design of cats that look exactly like Dusti.

Lady Liberty said...

Dear AOW, Warren is right, you never are ready. I push my emotion straight away into the closet by remembering where she is, and that I will see her again. Those fields where she will always run free, the sun always shines, and plenty of fat mice- (which she can NEVER catch)! Simply keeping delightfully occupied until You come : ) Never another sickness, ache nor pain.

Always On Watch said...

Lady Liberty,
I believe in the Rainbow Bridge. After all, there were animals in the Garden of Eden.


I've got some more pictures of Amber to post and will try to get to that this weekend.

Meanwhile, Mysti continues to thaw out. She has initiated several play sessions.

Cameo is convinced that Amber is "her kitten."

L said...

Mysti is so adorable.

Always On Watch said...

Mysti is very shy! She rarely lets me take pictures of her.

Despite her shyness, she sleeps right next to my head every single night.

She used to be Mr. AOW's kitty, but she became my kitty while he was in the hospital and the nursing home for some 10 weeks. I took her to visit him a few times because she was pining from him and losing weight.